Do you take insurance?

In my work for the hospital, many insurances are accepted, including MCR and MCD and many private companies. If you would like to see me privately, I do not accept insurance, but provide a bill with adequate coding for you to submit easily.

What are your fees?

An initial evaluation is $450.
Follow-up visits range from $200-300.
Telephone calls are charged based on time.

What if I have to cancel or move my time?

I charge for missed sessions unless I am able to schedule someone else, which usually requires a few business days. If I am able to see you within twenty-four hours at a different time, I do not charge for a cancellation.

Is what I tell you confidential?

Anything you say to me is completely private, and will be fully protected by HIPAA privacy rule. There are, however, a few exceptions mandated by law. If you report physical or sexual abuse of a child or elder, or a specific plan with intent to harm yourself or someone else, if you ask me to release information to someone, or if I am subpoenaed by a judge, I may be forced to release information.

I do not do court-related treatment and will not assist you with a legal case you are involved in by testifying for you or giving your record in support of your case. Such situations require a forensic evaluation. In regular therapy, the plan to use our work legally tends to undermine honesty and progress in treatment. I place the highest value on the privacy of a psychotherapy process.